Are you:

* feeling stuck or stalled in your life?

* ready to make a major life change or leap to the next level?

* weighed down by self-judgment and negative self-talk that is keeping you from enjoying life and moving forward?

* ready to bring your dreams into reality?

* willing to experience happiness and true joy?

Then you’ve found your way to the right place.  With over 15 years of coaching and facilitation experience, I use a

variety of tools, modalities and mediums to design a coaching plan that works with you and your budget to create the

life that you desire…now. 

Is your inner voice telling you it is the time for you to stand up and be who you always knew you could be?  Does your

current life just feel too small for you now?  Are you constantly looking for something that you haven’t quite been able

to find yet?  Then contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation today.

Now is the time, forward is the motion.  There are no accidents!

In Joy,

Spiritual Life Coach

Facilitator of Spiritual Consciousness

I am available for in-person coaching sessions in the Metro Washington DC area at The Still Point wellness

spa in Takoma Park, MD as well as by phone for those residing outside of the US or the Washington DC area.

Facilitation and speaking requests can be made at


About Me:

Laura began her coaching training with a seminar company from the Napoleon Hill lineage before training as a

Spiritual Life Coach and Minister of Spiritual Consciousness at the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development

in Silver Spring, MD under the tutelage of Rev. Dr. Iyanla Vanzant.  Laura has worked, taught and facilitated all over

the country including a season as a behind-the-scenes coach for the reality series “Starting Over” where she

created many of the exercises seen in season 3 of the show.